Tanner Mothershead is a multi-dimensional midwestern born artist. He attended undergraduate school at the Northwest Missouri State University before going on to attain his MFA at the University of Iowa with an emphasis in ceramics and minors in painting and sculpture. Despite being born a fraternal twin, he was still subject to the stereotypes associated with identical twins. Those experiences at an early age made him aware of the different perspectives people had on the reality starring back at them.

A driving force in the creation of his work is a desire to make sense of both people and place. The work stems from a fascination with the human mind's ability to interpret, transform, and create the world around it. Much of the work formed act as apparatus for viewing and experiencing a conceptualized inner world in relationship to tangible reality. His research delves into the functions and meanings of symbolism, spatial relations, and degrees of abstraction. Elements of Jungian psychology, philosophy, and biology are woven together in these biomorphic surreal narratives.